Educación Física Y Ciencia, 19(2), E035

Educación Física Y Ciencia, 19(2), E035

The results show that the Catalan club has gone from a direct relationship with jour¬nalists as a channel to transmit its image to using a multimedia platform of its own to create and manage its information. These documents helped in gathering information on titles won, athletes called for state and / or national teams awarded as top scorer in competitions, proposed guidelines, sponsorships, basketball schools, youth and adult teams. The information obtained also showed the absence of a policy for the detection and permanence of talents and prospects, and their proper use in higher categories. Although the club have changed its policies regarding the transfer of athletes to other institutions, the retention guidelines established by the new board were not enough to stimulate and develop a policy for the permanence of athletes who leave early the sports. In turn, interviews with coaches were based on the following themes: initiation schools and competitive teams (age that children start in basketball practice and competitive teams, number of initiation schools and competitive teams, weekly and daily frequency of initiation schools and competitive teams); sponsorship and support (receiving public and private funding, difficulties found and strategies used to obtain collaborators, aid from parents in expenses and club activities, adjustment of budget to Club activities); established guidelines for recruitment, retention and advancement in sport (selection process of children and young people to join in initiation schools and competitive teams, providing scholarships, financial assistance, food, transportation, housing); transfer of athletes and / or sport abandonment (abandonment reasons, transfers and return of athletes).

All interviews were conducted by the same investigator, being carried out individually, recorded, transcribed in full and sent to respondents as content validation process. However, they regret that these activities are no longer developed because the current financial resources, despite significant improvements in recent years, are still insufficient and inadequate for the full development of the work. In this case, segunda equipacion barcelona it also showed the large number of young people who dropout from sports practice or transferred to other clubs when they were in the development categories. The aim of this article is to examine these sponsorship strategies in order to analyze their rendibility, not only in economical terms but also taking into account benefits for their corporate image. However, putting into practice these new proposals was only possible with the increase of public and private financial resources, especially the agreement with private university. The investigation was approved by the Ethics Committee on Human Research of the Federal University of Santa Catarina under protocol No. Factors that we always work: human values, citizenship. The results obtained in relation to the financial, human and material conditions of the Basketball Club (Figure 3) demonstrate the importance of sponsors and supporters for the survival and growth of the institution.

These feelings have been passed from the top down to the Catalan people and risk alienating those who are not in agreement with the nationalist movement. In addition to these aids, which resources come from the club’s budget and scholarships, three athletes receive the Programa Bolsa Atleta aid from the federal government. Abstract: This paper looks at the role that bullfighting and FC Barcelona have played in the growing independence movement in Catalonia. Egipto Escocia Eslovaquia España Francia Gales Ghana Honduras Hungría Inglaterra Irán Irlanda Irlanda Del Norte Islandia Italia Japón Mali Marruecos México Nigeria Países Bajos Panamá Paraguay Perú Polonia Portugal Rusia Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Suecia Suiza Túnez Turquía Uruguay Venezuela La Liga Athlétic de Bilbao Atlético de Madrid Barcelona C. A. Osasuna Cádiz CF Celta de Vigo Espanyol Getafe C.F. Toda la categoría UEFA Champions League Atalanta Atlético de Madrid Barcelona Bayern Borussia Dortmund Borussia Mönchengladbac Chelsea Juventud Lazio Leipzig Liverpool Man.

Estudio comparativo de Real Madrid y FC Barcelona. Analysis and comparison of the sport’s advertising along history, taking as example football and basketball, and as particular cases Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona. The communication model of football club Barcelona has moved from the 1980s, when football clubs in Spain began to professionalize the manage¬ment of information, until today when it has integrated the building of its brand with the dissemination strategy aimed at its target audiences. Análisis del Web Site: Barcelona S.C. Se efectúa un acompañamiento pedagógico- investigación a un docente del colegio Torremar que presenta experiencia como futbolista el cual fue parte de las categorías formativas de Barcelona Sporting Club, jugando hasta la categoría Sub 20 del plantel. Resumen: Este trabajo examina el papel que la corrida de toros y el equipo de fútbol FC Barcelona han hecho en el movimiento continuo hacia la independencia en Cataluña. A partir del estudio de caso, se describe el acuerdo entre el FC Barcelona y Unicef (2006), entre el Málaga CF y UNESCO (2011) y el programa “Hijos del fútbol” del Granada CF (2013). El artículo ilustra, no solo diversos niveles de aprovechamiento de dichas estrategias, sino también objetivos diferentes por parte de los clubes a la hora de concebirlas.

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