Educación Física Y Ciencia, 19(2), E035

Educación Física Y Ciencia, 19(2), E035

The results of this process occurred in the analyzed environment reflect the development and individual achievements of athletes, the group achievements and organizational culture of the Basketball Club. The information obtained from documentary sources and interviews were assessed by the categorical content analysis technique (Bardin, 2011) using the QSR NVivo software, version 9.2, whose categories were developed a priori from theoretical frameworks: proposed guidelines (Green, 2005) – recruitment of athletes (invitation, disclosure, hiring, return), retention of athletes (permanence reasons, dropout, transfer and return, proposals and actions taken); environmental success factors (Henriksen et al., 2010) – preconditions (financial, material, human), process (meetings, social events, training, competitions), results (development and individual achievements, group achievements, organizational culture). Figure 2 – Process of retention and advancement of athletes. In turn, interviews with coaches were based on the following themes: initiation schools and competitive teams (age that children start in basketball practice and competitive teams, number of initiation schools and competitive teams, weekly and daily frequency of initiation schools and competitive teams); sponsorship and support (receiving public and private funding, difficulties found and strategies used to obtain collaborators, aid from parents in expenses and club activities, adjustment of budget to Club activities); established guidelines for recruitment, retention and advancement in sport (selection process of children and young people to join in initiation schools and competitive teams, providing scholarships, financial assistance, food, transportation, housing); transfer of athletes and / or sport abandonment (abandonment reasons, transfers and return of athletes).

The documents used were provided by the Basketball Club Secretary, coaches and the Santa Catarina Basketball Federation (FCB): official club website and FCB, shipped and received correspondence, projects for sponsorship request, official transfer notes and withholding letters of athletes, board, coaches and FCB reports, FCB official notes, newspaper reports. However, Basketball Club coaches perceive as of fundamental importance the consolidation of an adult team and marketing, by a public agency for clarification on sports sponsorship by the business community of the city, while minimizing the negative effects of the lack of national basketball idols in the media. Those involved justify that this lack of proposals occurred due to the lack of financial resources of the club and difficulties to obtain agreements and partnerships with universities in providing scholarships. In addition, there was lack of funds for hiring athletes from other clubs. In addition, they competed for the University Games of Santa Catarina (JUCs) by the sponsoring university. With regard to partners and supporters of the private sector, the club has five collaborating companies, as well as agreements with a physiotherapy clinic, a bodybuilding gym and a university.

However, putting into practice these new proposals was only possible with the increase of public and private financial resources, especially the agreement with private university. It was very exciting, especially in the national team. So, we get very happy when a girl is in a Santa Catarina selection or when her dream is to be remembered for the national team. The process of sports talent training is strongly linked to a long-term training program that when structured, planned and executed, will play a key role in the development of future generations of athletes (Böhme, 2007). In this case, the identification of sporting talents is linked to the phases of detection and sporting selection. Later, to complement information obtained in official documents, interviews were held with managers, coaches (around 90 minutes), athletes and former athletes (around 45 minutes), in location (home of employees, office work, sports department, gym) and previously scheduled time.

The context investigated comprises a Brazilian club with strong tradition in the training of athletes and important sporting achievements in the sport. The process occurred in an environment of athlete development corresponds to the activities developed in it. In the specific case of the investigated Basketball Club, the following activities could be observed: meetings, social events, training, competitions. However, as municipal public institutions do not have as priority elite sport, the basketball club investigated has presented difficulties in keeping teams of higher and adult ages in the scenario to which they belong. However, they regret that these activities are no longer developed because the current financial resources, despite significant improvements in recent years, are still insufficient and inadequate for the full development of the work. The people who are behind it, coaches, officials, parents, are there because they make it because they love it, with great dedication. From 2011, with the end of agreements, they have to compete for public school to which most athletes moved in order to participate together in the competition.

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